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You Wanna Place to Live
Buy or lease homes from us. We'll help you find what you're looking for. Where do you want to live? The greater Seattle -Tacoma area is our specialty.  We have connections not only in King and Pierce Counties but throughout the State of Washington and beyond.  We sell or lease quality, reasonably priced housing often with no real estate agent involved and even without banks.  When you buy or rent from us, you even get the benefit of a home with a transformed atmosphere. TDE LLC improves properties and transforms lives.  We make housing opportunities for people who thought they didn't have a chance of owning.  It's our delight to make it possible for you to be the master of your own castle. This link directs you to our home finding site. There you will gain vision, direction, knowledge and assistance to help you in this major decision; the decision of whether or not to buy and what home to choose.  Few decisions are as important in life as the decision of where to  live and when to go after that dream of home ownership.  Contact us and we'll  help however we can.  

You Wanna Sell a Place
​You are ready to sell but the time and the numbers just don't add up to the deal
 you  hoped for. Real Estate agents take such a huge cut out of your proceeds.
And you're often stuck in a 6 month contract waiting to see if your agent can 
actually sell  your place.  Let's face it, selling the traditional way  is time consuming,
loaded  with fees and there are no guarantees. If you do sell,  the final price may
be  nowhere near your asking price.  Not only that,  but only a small minority
of interested buyers actually qualify for traditional mortgages  these days. 

There're lots of reasons why selling can be tough and we are right here ready to help.  We have creative ways of buying your property that can get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes in the traditional market. This link will direct you to I Wanna Sell a for more details on how our system can help you.  Alternatively, contact us now and we'll get to work quickly assessing your specific situation in a private phone consultation with you.  We can get the job done and we're ready to help.

Our Vision is to Transform Our World through Housing Opportunities 

Broadening our reputation as...

-​a trusted source of desirable, reasonably priced homes for buyers in Washington State; transforming frustrated 
house hunters  into happy homeowners holding the keys to their dream homes.

-a reliable alternative for sellers who want a fair deal, now, and without so many costly fees; transforming finger tappers with too any unknowns and too much to do into relaxed smiling folks with feet up on their coffee tables.

-a catalyst for improving local neighborhoods by transforming the physical environment through increasing home ownership nationwide and the spiritual environment by praying blessing on the people and properties involved.

TDE LLC   Buys and Sells Homes to Afford You Greater Opportunities in Housing
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Curious to See Some of Our Work?
 Enjoy viewing this set of before and after videos of a residential property we recently refurbished and marketed in Kent, WA.

                                       BEFORE                                                                                AFTER
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