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So You're one of the many who'd appreciate an opportunity to earn higher returns on your hard 
earned savings.  Banks pay so little interest, even if you are willing to lock you money into CDs. 
As it stands now bank rates are scraping bottom. You aren't likely to gain much for your trouble. 
Yet you don't want to get burned by investing in the risky and unpredictable stock and bond 
market.  You've seen or heard about others losing their shirts that way. And even if you do 
have some money in the traditional market you know that diversifying your investments spreads
 your risk, making your portfolio safer.  So you are looking for other options out there, options
 that actually benefit the community and make you a decent rate of return at the same time. 
Real Estate could this be one of them.

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Building Up a College Fund?
Or Saving for a Down Payment
on a Vacation Property?
​Hoping to Leave an Inheritance
for the Grandchildren?
And Have Ample Funds
 for Retirement

More Information for You Who Wanna Better Return

 Discover how socially minded investing in the real estate market may provide you with just the solution you're looking for. When you invest in real estate you can do it  in a way that helps to increase home ownership rates in local neighborhoods. Your funds can indirectly assist others who might never qualify for traditional mortages in making the leap to home ownership. This means you can feel good about what your investment accomplishes for others while you earn a greater return than banks offer. And your loan can be secured by local real estate whereas with traditional investments in stocks and bonds all you have is a paper asset that can fluxuate wildly in value.

Washington State residents may qualify for one or both of our lending programs. You don't have to be a bank, or a corporation or an investment fund to participate.  You do need  to be an individual with a chunk of savings that you want to invest in the future rather than spend in the present.  If you want to learn more about private investing with us in real estate, follow the link below. This is not a securities offer.  Contact us to find out if you qualify for our program, Call our message phone 24/7 at 253-245-9164 and we'll get back to you with further details. 

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