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Transformations Development Enterprises, LLC (TDE LLC) is a Christian real estate investment company operating in King County, Washington. Since opening in 2011, our staff has gained experience purchasing and renovating distressed properties in rural and suburban King County through foreclosure auction purchasing and with buying bank owned properties.  Furthermore, we have gained experience with seller financing and with lease purchase  deal structures to use in the buying and selling process.  And we aren't content stopping there. We continue to expand our knowledge base and our experience into more aspects of the home buying and selling business.

What sets us apart from other companies that buy and sell residential real estate?  We're in it for more than just making a buck. We care about providing a quality product that benefits everyone. Clients, their neighbors, the properties, and the neighboring properties all benefit, as do other small businesses who work with us  to complete each real estate deal. Everyone gets something of value in the transaction and all get blessed with prayer coverage too. Beyond making money to pay our bills, we're also about helping to bring the kingdom of God to planet earth by transforming neighborhoods one home at a time, giving you a better place in which to live. It's win-win because everybody gains.

Founder & Executive Manager 
​David Seely

Registered Architect, LEED Accredited
Experienced- Associate Architect,
Project Manager, Construction Supervisor,
Apartment Bldg Manager, Painter and Handyman

BA & MA in Architecture
University of Washington

International Code Council Member
Volunteer with Architects without Borders
Home Owners' Association Board Member
Real Estate Association of Puget Sound (REAPS)
Past President and Board Member of Seattle Habitat for Humanity, Past Project Manager for Habitat for Humanity International in Zaire, Africa

Join the Team: Many Opportunities for You!

  & Marketing Manager
Mary Seely

University of Washington BA
 Business Admin:  Marketing
REAPS Member
Experienced Administrator, Webmaster
Apt. Bldg & House Manager
Teacher & Home School Mom

 Part time
 Employee- Intern

 Joseph Seely

Ron LeGrand's
Quick Start Real Estate
Seminar 2014

Your Housing Opportunity Makers!

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Prayer Walking and Property Blessing Events: 

Local volunteers join TDE Members in bringing positive change to the atmosphere of properties and the neighborhoods in which those properties reside.  If this sort of ministry appeals to you let us know you are interested in joining a prayer team. 

Acknowledgements:  Thanks to business associates, friends, and volunteers for offering support and encouragement now and when this business was in it's initial planning stages. You are highly valued and greatly appreciated!

Wanna Join in?

We're interested in teaming up with responsible people who have integrity like you. Are you are an investor, someone with a house to sell or with a desire to buy, a skilled business person, a prayer warrior? Do you live, have property, or work in Washington State? 

If so contact us using the link above and share your area of interest. Like us on Facebook to keep tabs on current happenings; to get news and up to the minute information.  There are opportunities for you!
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