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       Our Christ-centered Pacific Northwest real estate investment company offers you desirable housing opportunities at reasonable prices. Looking for home solutions yet short on time, or finances, or some other key component? Need creative solutions? We're delighted to help you with your real estate transaction! Buyers and renters, sellers and re-modelers in King County and throughout 
Washington State, you have come to the right place! You've found a company that's in
 this business  for more than  just making a buck.  We seek to transform communities
 in ways that honor God and make life better for everybody. We're a Seattle area
 business that will  take your point of view to heart while seeking a fair deal for all.  Tell us about the specifics of your situation. We'll get to work  on a solution designed to fit.  Use the "request info" button or give us a call at 253-245-9164.

     Transformations Development Enterprises, LLC- TDE    ® , Seattle/Tacoma Area of  Washington State         Your Housing Opportunity Makers!
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Enjoy viewing this video of a residential property we recently refurbished and resold in the Pacific Northwest.